Release 02: Classie X Emphrys 'Capsule 51' Collection

Over the last hundred years, our Earth has been engulfed by a firestorm formed by global warming. Since then, humans have left the Red Earth, and ventured out to various planets in outer space, searching for a suitable environment. As humans discover a new planet fitting for them, a new life form had landed on Earth. These unearthly creatures are given the name GOFOD CREADUR. These creatures first found in New York and Boston, are now all over Earth. Tapping into human technologies. They were able to form a society on what we have left behind.

Inspired by the rapid climate changes around the world, and the new interest in extraterrestrial life, Classie and Emphrys present you our new collection of streetwear clothing. We bring you 'Capsule 51' by Classie and Emphrys.

Percentages of profits from this collection will be donated to and